Including theme park and family Onsen, The whole family has a good time.

1 night 2 days trip by using car rental at Aso-Kumamoto airport.
Tour plan is to have a good time with family, including a historical spot and theme parks and Onsen for family.

Day 1

1 hours drive to Aso from Aso-Kumamoto airport
12:00 Taste Akaushi-Gyukatsu-Ju at Aso-Hanabishi.

The restaurant located near Aso Shrine is well-known as having a lot of local dishes on the menu. Most of them are made with traditional local ingredients, and especially the dishes made with Akaushi beef are very popular.

13:00 Walk around Monzenmachi and visit Aso Shrine.

The street as the approach to Aso shrine is called “Monzenmachi” that means the town in front of the shrine’s (or temple’s) gate. It has a lot of shops and restaurants for visitors of Shrine, and it’s famous for water springing up all over the street.

Aso Shrine is the head shrine of 500 branches, and its Shinto religion is connected with the volcanic worship that threats the crater of Mt. Naka as a god. 6 of Its buildings, built between 1835 to1850, are designated as national important cultural properties. Especially, the tower gate is the biggest in Kyushu, and said to be one of the Japan’s three great tower gates. (It’s currently being repaired.)

15 minutes drive to ASO MILK FACTORY
14:30 Visit cheese factory and rose garden in ASO MILK FACTORY

ASO MILK FACTORY is a theme park run by a dairy company in Aso. It is a complex facility of a cheese factory, a restaurant, a shop, a gelateria, a strawberry farm, and rose garden. In the glass dome of the rose garden, you can see 4500 roses of 750 species.

5 minutes drive to Uchinomaki Onsen
16:30 Check-in at Uchinomaki Onsen.

The most famous Onsen (hot spring) resort in Aso. You’ll be healed by good quality of Onsen. There are more than 20 accommodations with Onsen. (This is a picture of “Yumeoi-So”.)

Yumeoi-So is a hotel that has many Onsen facilities including a bath room with a superb view and 10 private open-air bathes. You can spend a good time with your family to try various bathes.

Day 2

15 minutes drive after check-out
10:00 Cuddly Dominion

Cuddly Dominion is an animal theme park that you can see 600 animals 80 species. This is the only place where you can hold a baby bear in Kyushu. And also, there is a place to touch animals (cats, dogs, alpacas, capybaras, and else) from all over the world.

Visitors favorite is the performance show by animals. At two animal theaters in the park, various animals perform amazing shows and entertain visitors. In addition, feeding to characteristic bears and glass bridge above the place bears live are also attractive.

10 minutes drive to Onsen
15:00 Aso Otohime Onsen Yura-Yura.

Yura-Yura is the place where you can monopolize Onsen with your family. There are various rooms equipped with Onsen. For example, one is the room equipped with a slide to Onsen, and another room equipped with personal bedrock bath.

In addition, next to the Onsen facility, there are restaurants and a chocolate shop and golf course and tennis court and else. If you have enough time, it is good to try them.

1 hour 30 minutes drive to Aso-Kumamoto airport