Including Akaushi dishes and Onsen, you’ll be touched by the Spectacular

1 night 2 days trip by using car rental at Aso-Kumamoto airport.
Tour plan is mainly to see the unique landscapes of Aso, and also including opportunities to have Akaushi meals and to be healed by Onsen.

Day 1

1 hours drive to Aso from Aso-Kumamoto airport
12:00 Arrive at Kusasenri and have lunch at douce Nucca

The restaurant looks like a lodge in Europe, and its location is so nice. The great view looking at an inactive crater Kusasenri and delicious dishes of Akaushi beef are waiting for you.

13:00 Walk around on Kusasenri.

That’s never missed to see volcanic landscapes. Here is a huge scale of inactive crater, and it’s all grassland (78.5 ha). While you’re walking, you’ll find a volcanic smoke from the active crater of Mt.Naka and a big puddle that reflects mountains.

5 minutes drive to the crater
14:00 Get close to the crater of Mt. Naka

It may be the easiest crater trip around the world. The motorway take you near the crater, so you can easily stand there even with high heels. And there, you’ll find a smoke appearing with a rumbling and a beautiful green of the crater lake and interesting texture of the crater wall. They all exist only here.

In case the volcanic activity becomes active, roads to the crater may be blocked along the way.

15:00 Shopping at Aso-Sanjo Terminal

Here, you can taste a unique soft-serve ice cream. Its color looks like the volcanic ash. So it’s called “Kazanbai Soft”

20 minutes drive to Uchinomaki Onsen
16:30 Check-in at Uchinomaki Onsen.

The most famous Onsen (hot spring) resort in Aso. You’ll be healed by good quality of Onsen. There are more than 20 accommodations with Onsen. (This is a picture of “Yunoyado Irifune”.)


15 minutes drive to Tangoyama Park
7:00 See the sea of clouds from Tangoyama Park

The sea of clouds often appears in spring and autumn because the temperature difference between day and night increases. If you meet its occurrence condition, you should get up early and go to Tangoyama Park that is the best spot to see it.

8:30 Have breakfast at the accommodation
10:00 Walk around the Onsen town.
The most famous Akaushi dish “Akaushi-Don” is available in this town. But be careful. Sometime you have to wait in line for 1 hour or more to eat it. So we recommend that you get a numbered ticket at first and walk around the town while you are waiting.
Takeaway is another way to avoid waiting.(And Tangoyama is the best place to eat it! )

12:00 A must-have meal at Imakin-Shokudo

Akaushi-Don is the dish of rare roasted Akaushi beef with rice. The features of the beef is the taste of lean meat and its tenderness. In oder to fully enjoy it, the seasoning of the dish is minimal. This special dish is often picked up in media and attracts many tourists.

20 minutes drive to Daikanbo
13:00 Overlooking Aso from Daikanbo

The most famous view of Aso is from here. It is the highest peak in northern outer rim of Mt. Aso, and all of its 360-degree view is super scenic. If you stand here, you can overlook the geography and the cityscape and the places you visited. It is also famous that the shape of Mt. Aso seen from here looks like a reclining Buddha.

14:00 Go back to the Airport while going on Aso-Milk-Road

Aso-Milk-Road is one of the most attractive road to drive. The endless meadow passing your eyes makes you feel like you are in the movie. Actually it is often used as a location of commercial movies for car sales.

1 hour 30 minutes drive to Aso-Kumamoto airport