A lot of activities to feel nature and be healed by nature.

1 night 2 days trip by using car rental at Aso-Kumamoto airport.
Tour plan is mainly to get unique activities in nature. You can spend a special time on the sky or on the back of a horse walking in the meadow.

Day 1

1 hours drive to Aso from airport
12:00 Bite into big steak at El Patio RanchThe ranch is the best place to ride a horse in Aso. The size of the meadow spreading around the ranch is almost 100 hectares (widest in Japan), and its atmosphere changes seasonally and beautifully. This ranch is located on such a place and equipped with a restaurant and accommodations.

13:00 Ride a horse at El Patio Ranch
Riding horse with a great landscape is one of the things attracts many tourists. There are 8 courses to ride according to skill level. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will be satisfied with the experience

20 minutes drive to Uchinomaki Onsen
15:00 Do Bouldering

Recently, bouldering is becoming more popular in Japan. It’s more fun than you can imagine to climb the wall with your head as well as your body.

5 minutes drive to the accommodation you stay
16:30 Check-in at Uchinomaki Onsen

The most famous Onsen (hot spring) resort in Aso. You’ll be healed by good quality of Onsen. There are more than 20 accommodations with Onsen. (This is a picture of “Aso Plaza Hotel”.)

Day 2

5 minutes drive to Aso Nature Land
6:00 Get into a hot air balloon

A trip to 40 meters above the city is available! The 360-degree view of caldera and the sound from the burner and the feeling floating in the air, all of the extraordinary experiences you have there will make your memories unforgettable. (Starting time varies depending on the season.)

7:30 Have breakfast at the accommodation
5 minutes drive to Aso Nature Land
9:00 Do paragliding
Aso Nature Land, the company offers hot air balloon tour, also offers paragliding experience. If you do paragliding for the first time, an expert instructor teach you how to do it and make it possible to fly at an altitude of 20 meters by yourself.

15 minutes drive to Ubuan
12:00 Taste delicious Soba noodle at Ubu-An

Ubu-An is a Soba restaurant run by a Japanese pickles maker. Soba noodles cooked by A well-trained cook and a wide variety of Japanese pickles are available here. 500 yen lunch, including rice ball (rice from Aso) and miso soup and pickles, is also popular.

30 minutes drive to Mt.Ogi
13:30 Scenic spot at the peak of Mt. Ogi

The peak of Mt. Ogi has superb view. If you stand there, you can see 3 great mountains (Mt. Aso and Mt. Kuju and Mt. Sobo) in its 360-degree view. And a good point to visit there is easiness to approach by car. In addition, On the peak, there is Asahi-Inari shrine that has beautiful red torii, that makes the atmosphere more divine.

1 hour 30 minutes drive to Aso-Kumamoto airport